Frequently Asked Questions

Questions And Answers
Each of our products has a “How to Use” guideline in the shop section of this site.
As a rough guide I would suggest a pump of serum for each side of your face and a pump for your next / décolletage
Yes, lines above the lips are caused by breakdown of collagen just like lines elsewhere on your face. So over the course of 2 months you will see a reduction in these lines.

A caveat to this is if you are a smoker.

Smokers upper lip lines are caused by collagen breakdown PLUS repeated pursing of your lips as you pull in on your cigarette. These pursing lines are formed over time and I’m sorry we cannot do much for these habit lines.

Brown / dark spots take years of UV exposure to happen. They are caused by UV damage in your skin layers.
Our Vitamin C Serum, used consistently twice a day , will work on your dark spots to fade them.
And the combined alpha and beta Hydroxy acids in the serum will also work by gently peeling dead surface skin layers so over time your skin will be brighter as well.

However time is the important element here.

Everyone’s skin is different and while some people get super-fast dark spot reduction, this is not normal.
With most people it does take a few months to reduce dark spots.

Remember too, to use a moisturizer with high SPF every day to protect your skin for the rest of your life, including in winter, to stop more dark spots from arriving. We suggest our Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 and antioxidants.

Yes our products are fine for oily skin. Our Vitamin c serum has a silicon base which will initially feel like it is oily, it isn’t. It will leave your skin super smooth.
Our products are Gluten Free, Non-comedogenic, Oil free, Paraben free and not tested on animals
Each product has a different size and this is in the product details page in our shop area on this site.