"What's The Secret to Her Youthful Look"?

Vitamin C Serum!

Say "Goodbye" to dull.  
Say "Hello" to lighter brighter skin

VIDI Vitamin C Serum is the most advanced formulation available and gives you instantly smooth feeling skin, then over a few short weeks noticeably reduced wrinkles, firmer skin, and an even brighter tone 

Normal Retail $69.99.  Enter your coupon at checkout on Amazon.com to get your bottle for ONLY $25.00 (see below for details)  

Highly Recommend!

"I have been using this product on a regular basis and am very pleased with the results! My skin is smoother and more radiant. Highly recommend!"  
Sharon R

By Far Superior to Other Brands

I have tried other vitamin C serums before and I have to say that it is by far superior to other brands. I love the pump of the bottle and the consistency of the product...no more dealing with a dropper and wasting product! I am  trying to get rid of old cystic acne scars...this is the only vitamin C serum that has delivered in that aspect. I  love that it contains AHA and BHA along with vitamin C to help keep skin clear! I will defiantly purchase again and I look forward to my skin looking even better in months to come!                    

What Makes VIDI Vitamin C Serum So Good…

VIDI Vitamin C Serum is one of the very few anti-aging skin care products that is absorbed beyond your outer skin layer as it has both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids leaving your skin looking brighter lighter and fresher

Amazon Vitamin C serum
  • Vitamins A, C & E. Triple antioxidants fighting free radicals to get smoother skin faster.

    Luxuriate in soft, silky smooth feeling skin today
  • Matrixyl Synthe 6 Multi-peptides work with Vitamin C to rebuild your collagen in 5 different ways.  Matrixyl Synthe 6 is the magic ingredient that no one wants to talk about - out loud. Industry insiders are trying to keep it exclusive. Matrixyl Synthe 6 is the super models secret ingredient  

    Reduce wrinkles, smoother firmer skin
  • Alpha (Glycolic) & Beta (Salicylic) Hydroxy Acids. Gently peel each time you use VIDI so that your skin becomes brighter and lighter with more even tone.

    Get your clear skinned youthful glow back
  • NORMAL RETAIL $69.99.  Enter your coupon YD77VMJT at the checkout on Amazon.com. TODAY ONLY $25.00

    Save Extra $$$

This link will take you to the Amazon.com page.  Normal Retail $69.99.
Just click Add to Cart and enter the Coupon
YD77VMJT  at checkout. TODAY ONLY $25.00  

What REAL People Say about
VIDI Vitamin C Serum ...

Super Smooth and Smells Amazing...

I can't believe it.This product instantly made my skin feel so smooth as soon as I applied it. It smelled amazing. I'm so happy I got this serum. Just 2 pumps for the whole face and neck, you will feel so good. I used it at night with my night cream. There's vitamin C in it so it will actually brightens your dark spots. Please try it out if you haven't, It's amazing. I will definitely buy some more to use with my night skin care routine.

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Highly Recommend It To Whoever is Having Pause About Purchasing

I am 74 and have been using Retin A cream & Tazarac cream since my 30's and have practically no wrinkles at all therefore I did not think that using this serum in the morning was going show much difference but I was wrong.....after using it for about 3 weeks now I see and feel a definite silky smoothness in the texture of my skin...I would highly recommend it to who ever is having pause about purchasing this....


My skin hasn't looked this great in years!

Im allergic to aloe vera gel and i have sensitive skin i was happy to find one without aloe. it is absolutely perfect. my skins already clearing up. i can wear it under my powder makeup! it works more like a primer. its silky and seriously has the best smell i have ever had from a cream. the bottle is perfect! you get exactly as much as you want to use. I add a bit of lotion or cream over it, just a touch. the company follows up with you which is very nice and rare.

update, my skin hasn't looked this great in years! already in a few more days my skin is glowing! the salicylic acid and vit c has gotten rid of all my redness, amazing!
I have tried at least 30 different creams over the years, this is the first one i have ever loved!!! its seriously perfect, i haven't seeing my skin looking this nice in over 7 years
Tanya D.

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My Personal Guarantee

Love How You Look, or

Your Money Back

VIDI Vitamin C Serum is your Go-To face serum in a bottle.

As you see – our customers love the results our serum gives them.

But, if you are one of the rare few who doesn’t fall in love with our serum, how your skin feels and how your skin looks too, then let us know and we give you your money back - 100%.

 Yes, that’s right - Ordering VIDI Vitamin C Serum from Amazon.com is totally risk free.

What have you got to lose? You get glowing skin and...

 You have my personal guarantee....

"You look and feel great or your money back with a smile."

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This link will take you to the Amazon.com page.  Normal Retail $69.99.   
Just click Add to Cart and enter the Coupon
YD77VMJT  at checkout. TODAY ONLY $25.00  

6 (More) Things You Will Love About
Vitamin C Serum
  1. Air Free Pump - Measure exactly what you need with no drips or waste and saves your money. It also protects your vitamin c serum so no air gets in and it doesn’t go orange and oxidize.
    Longer shelf life - Lasts longer

  2. 5 STAR Satisfaction Guarantee - on top of the normal Amazon.com 30 day guarantee so that you know our serum will give you awesome results.
     Look Great - Feel Even Better

  3. Manufactured in the United States to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
    You can trust it

  4. Silicone Base means you can replace your make up primer
    Fewer products in your bathroom - Save more money

  5. “How To Use Your Serum”  - detailed video link with a follow-up email with each order  and an in-depth product detail PDF document.  
     Puts you in the drivers seat

  6. Complete Customer Support - We are just an email click away to make sure all your questions are answered and that you can be completely confident in using our serum.   
    We are here for you 

DON'T MISS OUT Normal Retail $69.99
TODAY Only $25.00 with coupon

This link will take you to the Amazon.com page. Just click Add to Cart and enter the Coupon YD77VMJT  at checkout to SAVE EXTRA.  

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