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Luxury Makeup Remover Cloth (Gift 2 Pk) and Make up Brush Cleaner

$25.99 $16.95

Get Beautiful Clean Skin Without Chemicals

Just use, and re use, your luxuriously soft, double sided VIDI Make up remover cloths.
No chemicals required.

Make up Removal Just Got Easier

Simply wet one VIDI make up remover cloth with clean luke warm water,
wring out and wipe your make up off.
Rinse the cloth and repeat until your skin is completely make up free

When you have finished, dry your face,
then enjoy gliding your fingers over
your beautiful fresh clean skin.

For extra exfoliation, just wring out a little extra

It works wonderfully on eye makeup too

VIDI makeup removers are are gentle enough for use on
all skin types, and equally suitable for young or mature skin.

Hang to dry near your sink for easy access
Use every day for best results.

VIDI Make Up Remover Cloths turn ordinary water into a powerful cleanser

Now you can have clean make up brushes too

Wet your make up brush under warm water.Add a little hair shampoo,
and gently massage it on your BONUS make up brush cleaner.
Rinse and air dry

Indulge yourself – Why settle for harsh make up wipes
when you can have VIDI Make Up Remover Cloths?

All you have to do is Click on the Add To Cart Button
below and you too will have gorgeous clean skin
in a few days


ALL NATURAL FACE MAKEUP REMOVER CLOTHS: oil free, no lotions, chemicals or cream

INSTANT FRESH CLEAN CLEAR SKIN: Deep clean magic – just add water

AWESOME VALUE:2 pack of makeup removers plus BONUS makeup brush cleaning glove

REUSABLE: Save Money, No more disposable make up remover wipes, pads, towelettes or cleansers

EYE MAKE UP GONE: Just wet and wring out the cloth, then gently wipe off your make up


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