Foot Peel

Foot Peel Exfoliate (2 pair Kit) for Baby Soft Soles in Days

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No more rough dry skin, or calluses that make you want to hide your feet under your chair with embarrassment

You too can have beautiful smooth soft moisturized feet in days

VIDI safe and natural Silken Soles peeling foot mask is easy to use. Just snip the top of the plastic bootee, slide your foot in, and seal with the supplied tape. Then you can put on an ordinary sock so that you can walk around while your premium spa quality foot peel gently works on your skin

That’s it – No scraping, scrubbing, rasps or rubbing

When you rinse the formula off your feet, you straight away notice the light scent and super softness as our moisturizer has already worked its magic
Silken Soles will continue to work on your feet over the next few days and then your rough dry skin will magically peel off. You may not even notice it happening.

Then all you have to do is show off your beautiful feet in your favourite sandals

Get out and show off your naked feet with pride

Silken Soles Foot Peel by VIDI safe, feels great, is fantastic value (2 pairs). VIDI Foot peel is one of the very few which has only FDA permitted ingredients (Papain free), and it gives you awesome smooth feet

All you have to do is Click on the Add To Cart Button below and you too will have gorgeous soft smooth feet next week


BABY SOFT SOLES IN JUST DAYS: Simple to use, Lavender scented, spa quality Glycolic & Salicylic Acid foot peel soaks your dry skin

FANTASTIC FEET: Go barefoot, wear sandals, and show off your gorgeous smooth tootsies!

PEELS AWAY CALLUSES & DEAD SKIN ON THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET : Unique formulation softens while fruit acids work on your calluses

AWESOME VALUE: Get 2 pairs of soaking socks for a 2nd use for exfoliation of even the most hard dead skin

NATURAL & SAFE WITH ONLY FDA PERMITTED INGREDIENTS: NO Papain/Papaya. Silken Soles peeling foot mask gives you the best Chemical Foot Peel results


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