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Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt Set (3 Gloves)

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7 Easy Steps To An Endless Flawless Tan

Your 3 Pack Tanning Kit from VIDI has everything you need to get a total professional tan, indoors at home

Just follow these simple steps

1. Exfoliate all over in bath or shower to remove dry skin using your black exfoliating mitt
2. Apply your favourite tanning product with your large brown tanning glove
3. Blend and smooth for an even finish
4. Use the finger glove to lightly apply your tanning product to your face
5. Follow the tanning product manufacturers recommendations and rinse off when ready
6. Enjoy the envy of your friends as they wonder how you got your gorgeous Meditteranean tan  (OK, you can tell them it’s VIDI)
7. When your tan begins to look a little blotchy, simply remove it all over with your large black exfoliating glove, and reapply


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ESSENTIAL SUNLESS TANNING SOLUTION: Everything you need for that professional St Tropez airbrush tan

VITAL ACCESSORIES – Apply fake tan lotion, cream, mousse, or other tanceuticals products easily at home

MAKE YOUR TAN LAST LONGER – Scrub all over with with pre exfoliaton glove

BANISH TAN LINES – Extra large luxury double sided tanning glove for an all over bronze

BEST TOTAL TAN – Mini tan mitt to get an even professional tan on your face


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