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Most Topical Vitamin C Serums Don’t Work – For Most women
The majority of women are wasting their time and money applying Vitamin C serum indeed applying any skin serum on a regular basis.
Most women believe that simply applying any old Vitamin C Serum to their faces without doing any preparation will make them look younger- well it won’t!
Skin cells die. They clog up pores and create a barrier on the skin surface that ordinary and even the most expensive Vitamin C Serums cannot penetrate. If you’re using a normal facial Serum then you must also buy a good quality exfoliant and use it at least weekly to allow your serum to penetrate into your skin and to work for you. Again the majority of women do not have an exfoliating routine as part of their skin care regime
Exfoliant some in to types, the mechanical exfoliants, like scrubs and chemical exfoliants like alpha and beta Hydroxy acids.
Mechanical exfoliants work through the “grinding” action of an irritant on the skin surface, often your skin will feel red and tingly after a scrub, as well as feeling very smooth and fresh. Modern scrubs use spherical beads where some of the original scubs used crushed almond shells which scraped the skin leaving it raw red and often bleeding – all in the name of beauty.
Chemical peels work though the chemical action of the Hydroxy acid removing or peeling the outer layer of the skin. As this action is more gentle than a mechanical exfoliant it usually part of a daily skin care routine. However it is that extra step which can be missed based on the perceived added cost of quality peels.
Either exfoliant can be a separate step in a regular skin care routine. However chemical and mechanical exfoliant are arguably the least used of all skin care products.
Most women never think about this, they blindly apply expensive anti aging Serums in the belief that their money is well spent, not realizing that it is in fact wasted, as the serum never penetrates to the sub dermal layer – then they blame the serum! That’s why a topical Vitamin C Serum with in-built Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids in the Serum works so well. It gently exfoliates dead skin layers through a chemical peel action with every application without you spending extra money buying or using any other skin scrubs. The ongoing peel allows absorption of your serum into your skin so that it can actually work for you.

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