Is Botox Right For Me?

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Many people are looking for a fast guaranteed solution that will help them to get rid of the wrinkles that have been creeping up over the course of a lifetime.  Although most people do not realize that through healthy skin management and a good diet they can reduce the number and depth of their wrinkles, many are considering chemical injections such as Botox.  If you are thinking about, consider these facts about Botox and others like it first.

Before we get into the detail what is Botox?

The substance that is injected is botulinum toxin type A which is a purified and safe form of the toxin that causes botulism!  Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are the 3 main manufacturers brands of botulinum toxin type A used in cosmetic procedures.

Botox is administered through injections directly into the skin’s under layers.  There, it helps by relaxing the facial muscles that are surrounding your wrinkles.  This makes the wrinkle less noticeable.  Because the muscles are relaxed, the skin layers are smoother, giving fewer noticeable wrinkles.
The injections are not all that painful, but do sting and you may need a topical anesthetic, and are often considered to be a quick fix to the problem of wrinkles.
Yet, is this the right choice for you?

Where Can You Use It?

Botox can be used in several ways and will have the same effect in each area that it is used.  The most common areas for Botox injections are:
at the corners of the eyes,
the frown lines that run between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose,
your forehead and
the wrinkle bands in the neck area.

What you should know is that Botox doesn’t work as effectively if your wrinkles have been caused by sun damage.  It also doesn’t work on all wrinkles found in your face.  Also, for some, the thickness of the skin and the type of skin that you have will effect how effective Botox will be for you.

Is Botox the right thing for you?

To find out if you will benefit and if in fact it would be beneficial to your wrinkles, consider talking to a dermatologist.  Remember that Botox is a not a “cure” for wrinkles and that you will need to continue having the procedure regularly done to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Over time, it may not be as effective for you as more wrinkles develop.  Nevertheless, many people are finding that Botox is the perfect solution to their need for reducing wrinkles.

LizIs Botox Right For Me?

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